8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (2023)

Find out the best Linux Distributions for developers to start developing in the Microsoft .Net Core development platform…

.NET has been considered one of the most popular software development frameworks for several years..NET Core is an open-source platform developed by Microsoft. It replaces the old dot NET Framework and offers numerous advantages in comparison.

The .NET Core platform and the old framework were developed in parallel until 2020. However, there was an increasingly clear shift towards .NET Core. Last but not least, this is due to the advantages of the core version over the framework:

faster than the. NET Framework
works platform-independent
completely open source
modular design

Programmers can use .NET to develop and test their software for Windows computers. For as many programmers as possible to use the program, several programming languages such as C# or C++ are supported.

It can be easily installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. However, if you are a Windows or macOS user and want to switch to Linux then what are some popular distros to start with Dot Net core, here we discuss that.

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Top Linux distros for .Net Core developers

1. Ubuntu

2. RedHat/Oracle Linux/ Rocky or AlmaLinux

3. Debian for .Net Core development

4. Fedora

5. MX Linux

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6. Linux Mint (Ubuntu or Debian based)

7. openSUSE

8. Manjaro Linux

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Top Linux distros for .Net Core developers

1. Ubuntu

Well, Ubuntu is the priority of developers because of its popularity, tons of online tutorials, and availability of hundreds of free software including paid ones. Furthermore, the installation of software is quite easy with the help of various methods such as Snap, APT, Flatpak, and AppImages. Apart from that, the Long Term version of Ubuntu assures developers, stability, and security for a very long time.

When it comes to installing .Net Core, it is not available by default to install using the standard repository of Ubuntu. Therefore like most Linux systems, users need to install this developing platform manually. If you don’t know how then here is the tutorial for the same: 3 Ways to install .NET Core (Dotnet) on Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 LTS

8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (1)

2. RedHat/Oracle Linux/ Rocky or AlmaLinux

Redhat is the enterprise Linux, however, its “No-cost RHEL for developers subscription” allows users to use it without paying any charges. However, the customer support will not be there that is available to paid users of RHEL only. Nevertheless, there are other similar Linux distros such as Oracle Linux, Rocky, and Almalinux with long-term support and are the best alternatives for those who want to use RedHat-based Linux distros to develop their applications in Dot net core. Learn the steps to install Dot Net core on Oracle, RHEL, Rocky, and AlmaLinux.

We recommend going for RHEL-based distros if you are slightly familiar with Linux and its working.

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8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (2)

3. Debian for .Net Core development

Debian is the ultimate Linux operating system known for its stability and ease of usage. If you are already a user of Ubuntu then no need to switch to Debian, however, beginners can opt for it. Debian GNU/Linux is more than just an operating system: it contains several thousand software packages, i.e. pre-compiled software in the form of easy-to-install packages. Unlike other Linux distributions, Debian GNU, much like the actual Linux kernel, is compiled by a large group of volunteers around the world.

It is well documented Linux and also officially listed on the Microsoft website in the Linux distribution category to install .Net Core. Learn3 Ways to install .NET 6 (Dotnet) core on Debian 11

8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (3)

4. Fedora

For developers who are more interesting in bleeding edge technology instead of having a long-term support one then Fedora is one of the best to go for. Fedora is used by its open source community to develop new technologies and software that eventually get incorporated into Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Fedora is more user-friendly as compared to RHEL, CentOS, and other Linux based on it. Users can use it as their regular Desktop OS or for different projects like Web Servers, Database Servers, Proxy, VMs, etc.

If you ask us which is more suitable Ubuntu or Fedora? Well, both Ubuntu and Fedora share the same core values but their methodologies are a bit different. No, doubt Ubuntu is more user-friendly and popular as compared to Fedora, but Ubuntu software is a bit outdated according to Fedora. Moreover, Ubuntu is controlled by a company named Canonical which is mainly managed for enterprise aims. Therefore, users who want to experience the latest technologies and software while developing in .Net Core can go for Fedora whereas for those who want stable, popular, and easy-to-manage Linux – Ubuntu is there.

8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (4)

5. MX Linux

MX Linux is one of our favorite Linux distributions because of its lightweight and snappy performance. Developers who have a tight hand on computer resources should go for MX Linux. It is based on Debian and Antrix with multiple repositories to install a wide range of packages without any problem. The default Xfce interface consumes fewer system resources which mean developers can turn their old machine into a Dot net developing platform.

8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (5)

6. Linux Mint (Ubuntu or Debian based)

Linux Mint is recommended especially to users who are moving from Windows because of its similar arrangements of desktop elements. Users would not feel that they are in some alien territory in their first interaction with Linux Mint. Mint is available in two editions one is based on Ubuntu and the other Debian, although the working and interface would be the same except for the core source of packages.

The link we have given to learn Dot Net Core installation for Debian and Ubuntu in this article can also be used on Linux Mint as well if you’re choosing it as your system OS.

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8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (6)

7. openSUSE

OpenSUSE” is a Linux distribution that is particularly suitable for use on workstations and servers. The operating system already has pre-installed programs such as the official application “LibreOffice”, the “Firefox” browser, and the image editing software “GIMP”. With the package manager “Discover” you can download new programs on request and keep the existing software up to date. Although, it is not very popular among the users, worth trying out because of the offerings.

It is available in two editions one is Tumbleweed, a tested rolling release, and Leap, a distribution with long-term support. Hence, the developers will have two choices to go with as per their needs. If you want an LTS Style Linux, Leap is there that shares its code base with SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), those who prefer more up-to-date free software can use its rolling release distribution Tumbleweed.

The project is controlled by its community and embraces a wide variety of technology. The installation of Dot NET is also pretty easy on it as well.

8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (7)

8. Manjaro Linux

Well, Manjaro Linux is an ultimate Linux distro that offers numerous possibilities to explore and innovate new ideas. This one is based on a highly customizable Linux called Arch. However, because of less online supporting material often users feel helpless when they are stuck in some problem.

Its in-built Software manager allows the installation of various packages using the AUR, SNAP, and Flatpak. Hence, the installation of .Net Core can be done using the GUI Software manager.

It is also a rolling distribution with all necessary daily usage software, a person needs.

8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development (8)

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Can I develop .NET core on Linux? ›

NET Core SDK. You can use the . NET Core SDK to develop applications that run on Linux.

Which Linux distro is best for web development? ›

CentOS is a free and open-source operating system that is the best Linux distribution for web development based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Does .NET work well on Linux? ›

Thanks to . NET Core being open source, you can also install and use the . NET Framework on your Linux machine. Even better: An application created on any system can run on any other system, regardless of operating system.

Which Linux OS is best for embedded development? ›

Ubuntu Core is Ubuntu for IoT and embedded environments, delivering the resiliency and security that developers around the world expect from Ubuntu.

Is .NET Core obsolete? ›

The long-term-support (LTS) version 3.1 of Microsoft . NET Core Framework is slated to go out of support on December 13th, 2022. Microsoft recommends upgrading . NET Core 3.1 applications to .

How do I host a dotnet core in Linux? ›

  1. Visit the Download . NET Core page.
  2. Select the latest non-preview . NET Core version.
  3. Download the latest non-preview runtime in the table under Run apps - Runtime.
  4. Select the Linux Package manager instructions link and follow the CentOS instructions.
Jan 9, 2023

Which Linux is best for coding? ›

Debian GNU/Linux

It's highly recommended for advanced programmers and system administrators. If you are a beginner Linux user and want to learn the basic coding nuances, Debian isn't the perfect programming operating system. For that, you need to look for beginner-friendly Linux distros such asZorin OS.

What is the fastest Linux distro? ›

1. Ubuntu - Best overall Linux distro for laptops
  • 1 GHz processor.
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB of free disk space.
Aug 3, 2022

What is the hardest Linux distro? ›

Gentoo - the most challenging Linux distribution on the market. It's hard.

Can you write C# on Linux? ›

Yes, you can develop software on Ubuntu, that itself will run on Ubuntu, in C#. Both Mono and . NET Core support GNU/Linux systems like Ubuntu. (You can use them on other distros, too, like Debian, Raspbian, Fedora, CentOS, Arch, Gentoo, and so forth.)

Can I host .NET in Linux? ›

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft's cross-platform and open-source redesign of its original ASP.NET framework. With ASP.NET Core, you can build and run . NET applications not only on Windows but also macOS and Linux.

How to use .NET Core in Linux? ›

Net core application on Linux.
  1. Step 1 - Publish your . Net Core application. First, create a . ...
  2. Step 2 - Install required . Net Module on Linux. ...
  3. Step 3 - Install and configure Apache Server. So now we have all the required . ...
  4. Step 4 - Configure and Start Service. Move your dll to the defined path with the below command.
Jul 4, 2022

Why Arch Linux is the best? ›

Basically, Arch Linux is a simple, general-purpose, lightweight Linux operating system. And it is a free, open-source Linux distribution with good customisation capabilities. As Arch Linux is a lightweight operating system with good customisation features, it best suits small businesses.

Is Kali Linux best for programming? ›

The fact of the matter is, however, that Kali is a Linux distribution specifically geared towards professional penetration testers and security specialists, and given its unique nature, it is NOT a recommended distribution if you're unfamiliar with Linux or are looking for a general-purpose Linux desktop distribution ...

What is the smallest embedded Linux distro? ›

Tiny Core Linux is the smallest Linux distribution on the market with a big heart. Tiny Core Linux is as lightweight as a GUI-based Linux distribution can be. Jack Wallen walks you through the installation that makes this operating system unique.

What is replacing .NET Core? ›

NET 6 is an open-source and cross-platform framework, meaning that it automatically replaces . NET Core and . NET Framework with a single, more powerful, unified platform.

Does .NET Core have a future? ›

NET is dead as a future framework for web applications and software. Microsoft won't be building for it and they won't support it. But software that already runs on . NET and is no longer being updated will still run on it.

What is .NET Core called now? ›

In 2014, Microsoft introduced .NET Core as a cross-platform, open-source successor to .NET Framework. This new implementation of .NET kept the name .NET Core through version 3.1. The next version after .NET Core 3.1 was named .NET 5.

How to host a .NET Core in Ubuntu? ›

Install an ASP.NET Core Web API on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and host with Nginx and SSL
  1. Install .net core 3.1.
  2. Install Nginx.
  3. Build and copy your application.
  4. Configure your Nginx server block.
  5. Create your Asp.Net service.
  6. Secure your hosted application with SSL.

How to run C# application in Linux? ›

Run C# on Linux
  1. Open Terminal ( ctrl+alt+T ).
  2. Type the command sudo apt install mono-complete to install mono-complete.
  3. Open a text editor (we are going to use Gedit) and save the following program with a . ...
  4. Now, you can compile the program using mcs filename.

What Linux do hackers use? ›

Kali linux

It is developed by Offensive Security as the rewrite of BackTrack and tops our list as one of the best-operating systems for hacking purposes. This Debian-based OS comes with 500+ preinstalled pen testing tools and applications that make your security toolbox richer to start along.

Which Linux is best for engineers? ›

Best Linux Distributions for Scientists and IT Professionals
  • CAELinux – Engineering Linux Distro.
  • Fedora Robotics Suite.
  • Fedora Astronomy.
  • Fedora Scientific.
  • Lin4Neuro – Linux Distro for Neuroimaging Analysis.
  • Bio-Linux – Scientific Linux Distribution.
Mar 24, 2022

Which OS do hackers use? ›

Linux is the most popular choice for hackers due to its flexibility, open source platform, portability and command line interface and compatibility with popular hacking tools. Windows is a required, but dreaded target for most hackers because it requires them to work in Windows-only environments.

What is the lightest and fastest Linux distro? ›

Zorin OS Lite is the best lightweight Linux distribution if you want a fast and stable system without compromising on the looks.

Is there a pure Linux distro? ›

PureOS is a Linux distribution focusing on privacy and security, using the GNOME desktop environment. It is maintained by Purism for use in the company's Librem laptop computers as well as the Librem 5 smartphone.

Which Linux is best for performance? ›

Linux Mint

Almost all of the default apps in Linux Mint are programmed to operate efficiently, which explains its smooth performance. This tool equips full multimedia support and it has an intuitive interface. The software is open source and free.

What is the purest form of Linux? ›

Linux in its pure form is a monolithic kernel made by Linus Torvalds. It is the hypothalamus of any GNU/Linux distribution- allocating resources to processes.

Which Linux is faster than Windows? ›

Linux has a reputation for being fast and smooth while Windows 10 is known to become slow and slow over time. Linux runs faster than Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 along with a modern desktop environment and qualities of the operating system while Windows is slow on older hardware.

Which is the easiest Linux OS? ›

What is the best Linux distro for beginners? For me, it's Linux Mint. It has a user interface that looks and feels very much like Windows for easier transitioning as well as a free and open-source code for making your own tweaks.

How well does C# run on Linux? ›

NET Core, C# code runs about as fast on Linux as Windows. Maybe a few percent slower on Linux. Scott Hanselman joined the conversation and explained that with . NET Core, the same code runs on every platform.

What OS can C# run on? ›

While originally built to run on Windows, C# was quickly ported to Linux and macOS by the Mono project. Today, C# is open source and runs on the cross-platform .

Is Linux good for C programming? ›

There's a good reason the Linux kernel is written in C. Finally, C is easy to get started with, especially if you're running Linux. You can already run C code because Linux systems include the GNU C library ( glibc ). To write and build it, all you need to do is install a compiler, open a text editor, and start coding.

Which Flavour of .NET framework will be work on Linux OS? ›

. NET 6 is Microsoft's cross-platform toolchain for building apps to run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile OSes.

Should I use Debian or Arch? ›

Debian has a more vehement stance on free software but still includes non-free software in its non-free repos. Arch is more lenient, and therefore inclusive, concerning non-free packages as defined by GNU. Debian focuses on stringent testing of the Stable branch, which is "frozen" and supported up to five years.

What are the limitations of Arch Linux? ›

  • Installation is a Hectic Process. ...
  • Some Updates Can Break Your System. ...
  • Advanced Distribution. ...
  • It offers bleeding-edge software that may cause stability issues.
  • It has a lesser community than other distributions like Ubuntu OS.

Why is Arch Linux so hard? ›

The amount of knowledge required makes Arch more difficult to install than most distros. You have to do a bit of reading, but if you can follow a guide, you can get things up and running. In the end, you're left with a system that does exactly what you want.

Do professional hackers use Kali Linux? ›

Kali Linux is a one-of-a-kind operating system that is used openly by both the bad and good guys. This operating system is widely used by both black hat hackers and security administrators.

Why do hackers prefer Kali Linux? ›

The open-source Kali Linux operating system (OS) allows pen testers use the same exploits as malevolent, would-be hackers – tasks that would be needlessly difficult or impossible with a standard OS.

Why do most hackers use Kali Linux? ›

Kali Linux is mainly used for advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.

How much RAM is needed for embedded Linux? ›

How small can a normal Linux system be? complex) ▶ More RAM helps with performance! ▶ You need 2-4 MB of space for an embedded kernel ▶ User space can fit in a few hundreds of KB. ▶ With a not-too-complex user-space, 8-16 MB of storage can be sufficient.

Which Linux distro uses least CPU? ›

  1. Absolute Linux. Best lightweight Linux distro for desktop use. ...
  2. antiX. Best lightweight Linux distro that's chock full of apps. ...
  3. BunsenLabs. Best lightweight Linux distro for Crunchbang enthusiasts. ...
  4. Linux Lite. Great distro for migrating Windows users. ...
  5. Lubuntu. ...
  6. LXLE. ...
  7. Porteus. ...
  8. Puppy Linux.
Jul 26, 2022

Is Linux OS good for web development? ›

However, if you are thinking of getting into programming or web development, a Linux distro (such as Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian) is the best Operating System to start with.

Is Linux worth it for web development? ›

Linux is considered to be more secure than Windows. No antivirus is needed. Since it is open source, several developers are working on it and everyone can contribute code. It is likely that someone will find a vulnerability long before hackers can target a Linux distro.

Is Ubuntu good for web development? ›

Ubuntu is a great choice for software developers. In addition to a supportive community, it gives you access to a wide range of tools to start developing software on your desktop. Want to test how your software will run on Ubuntu production servers? You can simply install Ubuntu Server in a VM or on a spare PC.

Which Linux distro is best for WordPress? ›

Ubuntu is one of the best operating systems to run your WordPress site on. We know, that's a big statement. And in this article, we'll try and pack it up. Apart from being freely available, it is also an open-source Linux based OS.

Do programmers prefer Linux? ›

Many programmers and developers tend to choose Linux OS over the other OSes because it allows them to work more effectively and quickly. It allows them to customize to their needs and be innovative. A massive perk of Linux is that it is free to use and open-source.

Do developers prefer Linux or Windows? ›

Linux provides better security features than Windows.

For one thing, Linux is open source, meaning that there is a large community of developers constantly working to improve the system. In contrast, Windows is developed by a single company, making it much more difficult to identify and fix security vulnerabilities.

How many devs use Linux? ›

Linux isn't that far behind in work-share with 40 percent of developers noting they use Linux in their work life (40 percent say they also use Linux for personal use as well). Apple's macOS trails in third with a 33 percent share for work use (and a 31 percent personal share).

Which OS is better for developers? ›

Windows 10 is the most stable and widely used OS version for programming.

Which OS is best for backend development? ›

Backend development is crucial to nearly every aspect of business functionality and without it, your business would struggle to keep up with demand, supply, and competition. That translates to the best operating system for backend development being, you guessed it, Linux.

Which operating system is best for website? ›

Best Web-Based Operating Systems Software
  • Talos OS,
  • Parrot OS,
  • Netrunner,
  • Oracle Linux,
  • Windows 11,
  • Praxie,
  • BrandRetail OS,
  • CopperheadOS,

Why do developers use Ubuntu instead of Windows? ›

PC performance

For example, if the system is used for coding, designing, testing issues or for business purposes, or for just simply use of a computer system, It is recommended. Some reasons behind this are, Ubuntu boots faster than Windows, gets less infected, provides various free of cost IDEs.

Is there anything better than Ubuntu? ›

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian is one of the Ubuntu alternatives as it is a freely available distribution over the internet which offers stable CD images which are specifically meant for GNOME.

How much RAM do I need for web development? ›

8GB is great for basic web development or learning to code.

16GB will allow you to run resource heavy utilities or basic VMs. If you've got a decent budget, this is a good amount of RAM to shoot for. I'd call this the correct amount of RAM for a working professional in 2019.

Which Linux distro does Amazon use? ›

Amazon EC2 running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a proven platform for development, test, and production workloads. With more than 6,000 certified applications from over 1,500 independent software vendors, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a versatile Linux platform that provides superior reliability and security.

What Linux distro do Google employees use? ›

The best-known Google operating system is Chrome OS, but inside Google itself, the company also uses its own Linux desktop distro — gLinux.

Which Linux distro does Microsoft use? ›

CBL-Mariner is an internal Linux distribution for Microsoft's cloud infrastructure and edge products and services.


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