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3. GRIDDLED ASPARAGUS. Asparagus was almost made for the flat top because the griddle helps mellow out the salt flavor in asparagus a little bit. The high heat actually brings out the flavor of the vegetable by caramelizing it on one side. Throw some salt and pepper to taste and get ready for a delicious treat.

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31 Tasty Griddle Recipes That Are Simple To Make. By: Jess Smith. Published: October 10, 2022. Some of the tastiest Griddle Recipes include- griddle pizza, griddle beef tacos, fluffy french toast, and cheesy griddle tater tots. Mushroom ham & cheese omelet, griddle quesadillas, griddle monkey bread, and smash burgers. Contents show.

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32 Recipes That Make the Most of Your Griddle. Lisa Kaminski Updated: Feb. 01, 2024. Your griddle isn't just for breakfast, though it definitely shines when it comes to pancakes! Check out our favorite griddle recipes from flapjacks to grilled cheese to tasty twists on French toast. 1 / 32.

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The whole family will love this crispy, cheesy delight. Get the Recipe: Reuben Sandwich. 3. Smash Tacos (Big Mac Tacos) One of the most trending Blacktone recipe at the moment. Smash Tacos…. Smash Burger Tacos…. Big Mac Tacos!! Spread globally with different names, one look at Insta or Tiktok, and they are everywhere.

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These quesadillas are delicious and cook perfectly on the Blackstone. FRIED RICE - Rice is such a delicious side dish or entree if you add some protein in like egg or meat. Get the full recipe by clicking the link. TERIYAKI CHICKEN STIR FRY - A healthy and quick dinner made to perfection on the Blackstone!

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1. Cinnamon French Toast. This French Toast recipe is perfect for a lazy weekend morning. The cinnamon sugar coating gives the French toast a delicious flavor and the griddle makes it nice and crispy. 2. Chorizo Breakfast Hash. This Breakfast Hash is a delicious and easy way to feed a crowd.

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Shrimp Fried Rice (The Guy Who Griddles) Tender shrimp and day-old rice stir-fried on the griddle with veggies and soy sauce. Blackstone fried rice makes the perfect one dish meal since it combines a protein, veggies, and white or brown rice. Making fried rice is seriously one of the best Blackstone recipes!


Lightly brush with oil. Season the salmon with salt and pepper on all sides. Place the seasoned salmon skin-side down on the griddle. Cook for 3-5 minutes. Gently turn the salmon over with a spatula and cook the other side for 3-5 minutes. Squeeze some lemon juice on top and sprinkle with fresh herbs.

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Here are some dishes to make on the flat top griddle for a crowd in the morning…. Scrambled eggs. Fried eggs. Griddled bacon / recipe for Blackstone bacon. Hash browns on the griddle. Breakfast sausage served on homemade focaccia. Breakfast tacos. Slice and griddle cook this recipe for blueberry banana bread.


16. Blackstone Griddle Birria Tacos. A unique, authentic taco made with the tortilla dipped in the birria broth, filled with birria meat, cheese, and cilantro. This has got to be one of the best recipe ideas for the Blackstone! Get the Recipe. 17. Frosted Flake Monte Cristo Sandwiches.

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Put the hash browns and water in a bowl, allowing them to soak. Let the combination sit for about 15 minutes. Then, drain the water. As the hash browns soak, heat the griddle to medium. Cook the onions in a tablespoon of butter. Add the hashbrowns and about a tablespoon of butter.

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Preheat your previously cleaned flat-top, and let it reach the maximum temperature, about 10-15 minutes. Once you notice a change in color, dab the griddle with oil. Grab some paper towels, and carefully spread the oil into a thin, even layer. Now, fire the griddle back up, and let it burn for 30 minutes.

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The Blackstone Griddle is a popular, game-changing flat top grill, and these mouthwatering Blackstone recipes prove it! With its large cooking surface, the possibilities for incredible meals are endless. Blackstone griddles are awesome for camping! With fire bans becoming increasingly common, especially in the summer months, they're a way to keep the outdoor cooking going all season long.

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Scallops and Shrimp on the Blackstone Griddle. Grilled Shrimp & Scallops Recipe. It's crazy how one of the tastiest things to cook on the Blackstone griddle comes together in under 5 minutes. Scallops and shrimp are full of protein and a delicious meal by any standards. Check out this recipe.

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Check out my favorite griddle recipes below, just click on the links to get to the actual recipes 🙂. Steak Fajitas will start the Best Blackstone Griddle Recipes. The steak, veggies, and tortillas are all cooked on the griddle for some of the best fajitas around!

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3. Whole Wheat Pancakes. Healthy and light, these whole-wheat pancakes will prove once and for all that you don't need sugar to enjoy your breakfast. And yes, you can make these pancakes big and fluffy even when using a griddle. Just remember to use butter instead of oil when greasing the griddle.