Alcohol in the body How drinking affects the body and brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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You can either wash out your own really really well or you could purchase a set of empty sunscreen bottles , that were made exactly for this purpose. 10. Eat gummy bears. Photo courtesy of If you can bring food into the festival but you also want to bring in drinks, make vodka infused gummy bears. 11.

7 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Music Festival or Concert Wandering

If you need to get alcohol into festivals…. 1. Lotion bottle. If you want to hide alcohol, simply empty a tube or bottle of lotion and refill with booze. Or if you want to be really crafty, and probably safer, put your booze in a food bag and push to the bottom of the bottle. That way if they open it up and sniff it or look at it, there will.

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3. Resealed Water Bottles. On the list of methods to sneak alcohol, this one is consistently a fan favorite because it is a tried and true classic. The water/vodka switcheroo has been around for as long as the World's Fair, which is likely untrue but ultimately would be in an ideal world. You want to improve.

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A vast majority (4 in 5) of Americans brought prohibited drugs or alcohol to sporting events, concerts, theme parks, and more for one reason: to have fun. While it's possible to feel a range of emotions (including relaxed, confident, or energized) while drinking, the perception that alcohol is a necessary ingredient in having a good time.

Alcohol in the body How drinking affects the body and brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

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How to bring alcohol into festivals what to take and how to sneak it

Title: How to Sneak Alcohol Into a Concert: A Guide to Enjoying Your Favorite Beverage. Introduction: Attending a concert is an exhilarating experience that often calls for celebration with a refreshing drink in hand. However, many venues have strict policies against bringing alcohol from outside. While we strongly advise following the rules.

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There are plenty of benefits to bringing alcohol into a concert. First, it lets people avoid buying tainted drinks at the venue. In addition, it allows attendees to choose a drink during the event without being limited by what's available for purchase. Lastly, there's excitement in outsmarting security and enjoying your alcohol supply.

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Buy a pack of gummy bears and pour them into a ziplock bag. Just be sure to keep the original packaging for later. Fill the ziplock bag with vodka and let it sit for a few hours, then place the bears in the fridge for a few more hours. The gummy bears will soak up nearly all of the alcohol.


The best, most effective trick for a medium security venue is to bring a 200ml bottle of Grey Goose, roll it up in a program for the event, and carry it in your hand like a regular concertgoer. If.

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6. Mini Bottles In The Wellies. Transform your wellies into a hidden mini bar and walk with caution. In most festivals, wellies are rarely checked, so it's one of the best ways to sneak alcohol or smuggle alcohol into the venue. This is a sneaky way to hide mini alcohol bottles as you pass security checks.

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Just don't forget to bring the pesky phone cord, too. Sweater. Temperatures can dip whether a concert is outdoors or inside, so layer up with a stylish sweater to maintain maximum comfort levels. Water Bottle. Stay hydrated throughout a live show by bringing a personal, collapsible water bottle where permitted.

Can You Bring Alcohol Into a Hotel? UponArriving

4. Brush your hair and get drunk at the same time. Brush & Drink. If you have long luscious hair, the chances are you will want to take care of it as best as possible for the duration of the festival. Enter the hairbrush flask and take advantage of both a brush and smugglers tool all in one.

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Many concerts/festivals in the US don't allow you to bring in outside food :( Doesn't mean you can't sneak it in, but if they tried to confiscate your sandwich only to find that it was actually alcohol, you're in deep shit. Granted, most places don't check the actual person, they just check their bags.

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2. Water Bottles - The classic switcheroo. A genuine tried and true classic, on the list of ways to sneak alcohol this one is always a fan favorite. The water/vodka switcheroo has been around as long as the World's Fair, a fact that probably isn't true, but in a perfect world totally would be.

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3. Plastic Bag. Another easy and inexpensive way to get alcohol into a festival or concert is to use a plastic bag. Fill a sealable plastic bag with your booze, and then place it in your bag or wrap it in clothing to keep it hidden for security. Be sure to double bag the plastic bag to prevent any spills though!

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Pack hair ties, earplugs, and sunscreen, especially for outdoor events. Don a hat and sunglasses for daytime shows, and bring a light jacket. Tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, and chapstick keep you fresh. Stay hydrated with a water bottle, and for outdoor festivals, tote a portable chair or blanket.