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Green Giant Arborvitae Care. Plant trees 5 to 6 feet apart to establish a privacy hedge or security screen. For other use, plant further apart in small groups or as specimens. Establish groups of them in lawns or in the background of landscapes. In addition to defining property lines, shielding noise and rough wind, the "Green Giant" Arborvitae.

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Junior Giant Arborvitae. Thuja x 'Junior Giant' PP31,297p2. View more from Arborvitae Trees. Junior Giant Arborvitae Thuja x 'Junior Giant' PP31,297p2. 0 reviews. $79.50. In stock - Ready to ship . Select Size #2 Container #3 Container _ + Add to Cart. 30 day - ARRIVE AND THRIVE™ guaranteeLearn more.

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Hardiness Zone: 5-8. Height: 15-20 ft. Spread: 8-10 ft. Bloom Color: Non-Flowering. Foliage Color: Green Shades. The same deep, green foliage as the beloved 'Green Giant' but Junior is just that, a smaller version - great for the privacy screen that will max out at 20' tall. The perfect plant for smaller spaces.

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Meghan Shinn. Mar 7, 2023. 'Junior Giant' is a dense arborvitae that makes for a very manageable hedge or privacy fence. It matures to just half the height of 'Green Giant' and it remains deep green year-round. Common name: Junior Giant arborvitae. Botanical name: Thuja x 'Junior Giant'. Exposure: Full sun. Foliage: Deep green.

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It may sound like an oxymoron to call something a "junior giant," but the Junior Giant thuja tree, Thuja x 'Junior Giant' PP31,297p2, fits the bill admirably. It's a mid-sized tree: smaller than the classic Thuja Green Giant but larger than the Baby Giant arborvitae, and it maxes out at a height of 15 to 20 feet.That makes it the perfect size for smaller homes or any spot where you don't want.

Junior Giant Arborvitae Plant Addicts

Thuja x 'Junior Giant' PP#31,297. WTHUJJUN. An exciting introduction! It has the same deep green foliage as 'Green Giant' but it is a smaller version, growing to only 20'. Great for hedges and deer resistant, it is an easy to grow, very hardy, low maintenance evergreen. This plant is available exclusively through the Handpicked for you.

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A hybrid Thuja (T. plicata x T. standishii), commonly called arborvitae, which is considered America's most distinguished landscape plant, 'Junior Giant' has a slow growth rate and a conical habit of feathery foliage that releases a pleasant evergreen fragrance when crushed. Reaching a mature size of 15 to 20 feet tall, 'Junior Giant' makes a.

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Thuja x plicata 'Junior Giant' Arborvitae . Summary; Additional Details » Grows 15-20' High and 8-10' Wide » Easy to grow, very hardy, low maintenance » Tolerates light shade » Deer resistant. Height 15-20 ft Spread 8-10 ft Zone 5-8 Categories Shrub Tags

Junior Giant Arborvitae Plant Addicts

Fill in any space with thick green foliage from our Junior Giant Thujas! Over 2 Million Happy Customers. Free shipping on orders over $49. Healthy Plants, Guaranteed.. Degroot's Spire Thuja Arborvitae Tree. 9. $49.95 $59.95. Moonglow Juniper. 64. $49.95. Junior Giant Thuja Tree CareView Full Planting & Care Instructions.

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Junior Giant grows in zones 5-8 and is cold hardy down to -10°F; it is a lover of heat and humidity and will adapt well to any location. As a bonus, it is incredibly deer resistant and drought tolerant. Junior Giant Arborvitae is perfect for creating the serene privacy you want.

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A wonderful option as a privacy screen or a windbreak. With a mature size of 15-20' tall by 3-5' wide, the Junior Giant provides privacy for tight landscapes and small yards. Hand Selected, Fresh from the Grower. Ships on our trucks because of the size of the tree - does not fit in a box.

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Arborvitae 'Junior Giant'. The same deep, green foliage as the beloved 'Green Giant' but Junior is just that, a smaller version - great for the privacy screen that will max out at 20′ tall. The perfect plant for smaller spaces. Perfect for planting in groups to form a hedge, screen or barrier that will require less trimming to.

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Junior Giant Arborvitae. Thuja Can Can. Thuja Green Giant's 'Little Sister' Grows 12-15ft. tall x 4-5ft. wide. $73.95. Sizes Available. 3-4ft. | $73.95 ea. 2-3ft. | $32.95 ea. Can Cans has all the features that has made Thuja Green Giant so popular without taking up so much yard space.

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Introducing the Junior Giant Arborvitae—a compact marvel that brings the beauty of evergreen privacy to smaller spaces! This miniaturized version of the Giant Arborvitae offers a manageable size while maintaining the same lush, green appeal. Perfect for urban gardens, patios, or limited planting areas, the Junior Giant boasts dense foliage.

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Junior Giant Arborvitae is a fast-growing, dark-green plant which reaches 15-20' tall. Similar to the famous Green Giant Arborvitae but remaining about half as tall at maturity. Makes an excellent privacy screen where space may be limited. Introduced by Plants Nouveau. PP31297.

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Thuja Junior Giant Arborvitae is a popular evergreen tree that is known for its fast growth and dense, uniform shape. Its foliage is a beautiful dark green color, which maintains its color year-round, making it an excellent choice for year-round screening and privacy purposes. The plant is low maintenance and can thrive in a variety of soil.