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Coat the salmon with the dry rub seasoning mix. Allow at least a half hour for the dry rub to form a pellicle. This will help the salmon stay nice and moist through the smoking process. Preheat smoker to 225 degrees. Add your favorite wood chips to the smoke tube. For this recipe I used Alder wood chips.

Blue Starr Gallery Mesquite Smoked Salmon

If you want more flavor in your salmon, but want a gentle smoke like alder, try apple wood. There is a reason why apple is considered the best wood for smoking pretty much every kind of meat - turkey, brisket, and even chicken. The refreshing natural flavor of salmon goes very well with this subtly sweet wood.

Blue Starr Gallery Mesquite Smoked Salmon

Place fish in a nonaluminum pan. Pour marinade over; refrigerate salmon 4 hours or overnight, turning occasionally. Remove fish from marinade and place on rack 30 minutes to dry. Pour marinade into smoker's water bath. Spread mesquite chips on rack of gas or electric smoker. Add onion and bay leaves to water bath and fill with water.

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Preheat smoker to 225 degrees. I like to use mequite or alder wood pellets for seafood. Rub the spices into the salmon. This ensures the spices don't just sit on top and they actually penetrate for additional flavor. Place the salmon in the smoker, skin side down.

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Directions. In a small bowl, mix the first eight ingredients. Add wood chips to grill according to manufacturer's directions. Place salmon on oiled grill rack, skin side down. Grill, covered, over medium heat 7 minutes. Spoon mayonnaise mixture over salmon. Grill, covered, 7-10 minutes longer or until fish just begins to flake easily with a fork.

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This wonderful salmon can be prepared in a smoker or barbeque and is outstanding served with my Recipe #232006. It's an elegant appetizer or first course but it can also be a lighter main entree also. I've used thick salmon filets instead of the whole fish. Originally from a July 1984 Bon Apetit magazine that

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Place salmon or rack; cover with lid. With pot holders, crimp overhanging foil to form a tight seal. Over medium-high heat, smoke salmon 12 minutes or just until cooked.

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Instructions. Clean fish, leave skin on filet and cut fillets in chunks like picture. Rinse fillets in cold water. Make a salt/sugar brine in a clean food safe container using 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of sugar to 1 gallon of cold water ratio. Add cleaned fish chunks to the salt brine and refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours.

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Apple wood heat treated to eliminate and prevent pests, mold, or rot. 100% Natural.; 180 cubic Inches of large sized Apple BBQ Smoking Chips per package. $8.73. Weber 17148 Hickory Wood Chunks. Hickory wood chunks; Rich subtly Sweet flavor; Great for poultry, pork & beef; 350 cu. in. (0.006 m^3) sized bag.

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Smoking is an art, not a science. To keep temperatures mild, always put water in your drip pan to keep the temperature down. If your smoker is very hot, like a Traeger can get, put ice in the tray. After an hour in the smoker, baste the fish with birch or maple syrup, or honey; do this every hour.

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This honey smoked salmon is the perfect balance of luxurious honey and delicious smoke flavor. The perfect centerpiece for your smoked salmon charcuterie board, appetizer or dinner. Easy smoked salmon recipe you will make again and again! Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with smoked salmon. There are so many delicious varieties from Costco smoked salmon to Foppen smoked salmon to.

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Remove fish from the fridge. In two small bowls, combine the ingredients for the sweet and savory rubs. Rub one piece with the sweet rub and the other with the garlic dill rub. Place salmon on the smoker skin side down and smoke for 3-5 hours, until the internal temperature reaches 135 -140 F.

Blue Starr Gallery Mesquite Smoked Salmon

Season the flesh of the salmon with the dry rub, coating it in a thin, even layer. Place on the grill, skin side down, and turn the temp to 225 degrees. Smoke for 1 hour or until the internal temp of the salmon is 145 degrees at its thickest part. Let rest for 5 minutes, serve with my lemon dill yogurt sauce, and enjoy!

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Preheat the grill to 225F. If you're using a Pit Boss, turn it to the "Smoke Setting". Load the pellet hopper with the wood chips of your choice. While the grill is heating, remove the salmon fillets from the packaging and rinse off under cold running water. Pat dry with a paper towel.

Blue Starr Gallery Mesquite Smoked Salmon

Place in the refrigerator for an hour. About 15 minutes before the fish comes out of the refrigerator, begin preheating your smoker to 225 degrees fahrenheit. Remove the salmon from the fridge and flip it to flesh side up and open the parchment paper. Using a paper towel, wipe away the excess salt and brown sugar.

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Step 4: Smoke the Salmon. Cook in the smoker until the internal temperature reaches 140ยฐ F. Tip: Begin testing the temperature after 30 minutes. It can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to come to temp, depending on the thickness of the salmon filet.