Pumpkin shortage Just enough for holiday pies, then gone until next

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The laws of supply and demand usually result in a higher product price, so it makes sense that pumpkins might cost a bit more than usual this year. USDA data from the second week of September.


On top of drought-related issues, inflation has also hit fall-based businesses especially hard this season. "All of our costs were up. Our shipping costs, our fuel, hay, even the wood to make our photo ops were up 30 to 50%," Durst said. Co-founder & producer Christopher Durst says costs were up 30 to 50% and 2022 was among the most.

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"There's no future after me," says Colorado pumpkin farmer Alan Mazzotti. "My boys won't farm." He'll keep farming pumpkins for a bit longer, but water shortages, climate change and.

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There's a Pumpkin Shortage in the U.S. โ€” But Some Areas Won't Have a Problem. Pumpkin crops have taken a hit in some areas of the United States this year, which has led to less selection โ€” and.

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There Might Be a Canned-Pumpkin Shortage This Fall, Crop Experts Say 1 minute read An employee inspects a can of Libby's Pumpkin at the Nestle USA Libby's processing facility in Morton, Ill., in 2014.

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In the last week of October, U.S. average wholesale pumpkin prices ranged from $183 per 36-inch bin for Howden pumpkins, to $237 per 24-inch bin for pie pumpkins, and up to $280 for specialty varieties like Heirloom pumpkins. Table 1. U.S. average wholesale price for pumpkins โ€” various types, sizes, and bin widths โ€” dollars per bin.

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2021 Has Been a Perfect Storm for a Pumpkin Shortage. Poor weather and a fungus outbreak have piled on top of existing pandemic-related supply problems. The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has left.

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There have been a few reports of a pumpkin shortage and higher prices around the country, but Raghela Scavuzzo, an associate director at the Illinois Farm Bureau, said such reports are overstated.

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For some pumpkin growers in states such as Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, this year's pumpkin crop was a reminder of the water challenges hitting agriculture across the south-west and west as.

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Luckily, experts have set the record straight. "There is not a shortage [of pumpkins]," Raghela Scavuzzo, associate director of food systems development with the Illinois Farm Bureau, told Allrecipes. "Just to be clear, there is not a shortage this year." According to Raghela, farmers experienced a rain delay when it was time to plant pumpkin.

Pumpkin shortage Just enough for holiday pies, then gone until next

Weather may have caused a pumpkin shortage. In a story by Southern Living earlier this month, farmers reported that it's been a tough growing season for pumpkins and other fall harvests. Alongside increased demand during the holiday season, everything from drought in Texas to record rainfall in Kentucky has caused crops to produce smaller yields in certain regions.

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According to Modern Farmer, a combination of "unfavorable weather conditions, shipping issues and a sprouting fungus" have hit some of the country's pumpkin farmers this year.The publication notes that California is one of the states that has been hit particularly hard, with farmers reporting "fewer varieties and smaller yields due to an ongoing drought."

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It's the great pumpkin shortage, Charlie Brown. This year, thanks to the extreme weather, many pumpkin farmers are producing fewer pumpkins than normal. "It's been a battle trying to grow.

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Last year, the pumpkin shortage rumors were dispelled by Libby: What seemed like a nationwide shortage was actually just a slight delay in production, due to a later-than-planned pumpkin harvest.("You can't rush Mother Nature," they noted in an Instagram post.) Although this year's fall baking season is just getting started, rumors are already swirling, from chatter on social media to.


There are food and beverage shortages around the country. One main reason for that is that packaging facilities are being pushed to their limits. That's why it's so important to have a plan. "We're doing everything we can Every manufacturing facility in the country is running 24/7.". John Rost is having a stressful 2020.

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NEW YORK - Northeastern states are facing a jack-o'-lantern shortage this Halloween after Hurricane Irene destroyed hundreds of pumpkin patches across the region, farmers say.