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The slang term "flex" refers to showing off or bragging about something, while "weird" means strange or unusual. The phrase "weird flex" is used to dismiss strange or unusual claims made by others. It is possible that the phrase emerged organically among teenagers and young adults as a way to react to bizarre or unnecessary bragging.

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It may not sound too funny on paper but when used in the correct context it's hilarious. The 'weird flex but ok' meme. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures // Thru The Lens. We've done a bit of sleuthing and 'weird flex but ok' was first used back in January this year. Twitter user @finnfeighery used it on New Year's Day in response to a tweet by.

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Spread. Over the next year, more people began responding to various social media posts with the expression. On July 20th, Twitter user @abila_ariana tweeted, "Every animal at the aquarium: *does the thing that makes them unique* Allison: weird flex but ok" (shown below, left). Two months later, on September 20th, Twitter @Harvested commented with the phrase to a tweet that reads, "What I spend.

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Weird flex but ok, alternatively appearing as odd flex but ok is a dismissive phrase used mostly on the internet, as a reaction to someone boasting about an odd thing, many would consider bizarre or odd.. It may be used to mock the boaster, but also to point out the fact that many people wouldn't brag with the thing in question. Weird flex but OK.

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1) That's a strange thing to brag about, but you do you. 2) Used to imply that someone is bragging about something, often jokingly.

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The 'weird flex but okay' memes started plastering social media after the phrase was used by a Twitter user in reference to a quoted tweet. Essentially 'weird flex but okay' is said in reference to a claim that would actually be viewed as a negative and not a positive. That's why it's a 'weird flex.' Kavanaugh Example

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Definition of Weird flex but okay This is said when someone proudly brags about something that most people would find either awkward, irrelevant, or strange (weird).|It is a meme. When someone is showing off, you would say that.|It's a slang term, meaning that is a weird thing to brag about but ok

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The "weird flex but okay" is usually just when somebody says something, and you act like they were bragging or showing off. A common one is when somebody says something (usually to ellicit sympathy), and somebody else might act like they were bragging about it. (Bad) Example: "I have no friends". "Weird flex but okay."

weird flex but ok Meme Guy

The phrase weird flex but OK was apparently born where a lot of things are born nowadays: Twitter.According to the meme-sleuths at Know Your Meme, on December 31, 2017 user @finnfeighery responded to a tweet posted by the activist Malala Yousafzai with weird flex but OK.The reply was a sarcastic answer to Malala's truly impressive accomplishments for the year.

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weird flex, but OK. ( Internet slang) Used to indicate that one finds an action or statement to be showy and strange. 2018, Lauren Franco, "Pink and green since 1919, ACU's oldest club", The Optimist (Abiline Christian University), 12 October 2018, page 10 : In an ACU blog written in 2010, GATA's claim to fame is that they are the "oldest.

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To flex means to boast or show off about something. The phrase 'weird flex but ok' is said when someone proudly boasts or brags about something that most people would find either awkward, irrelevant or just plain weird. It's usually stated in a dismissive fashion.

19 Of The Best And Funniest 'Weird Flex, But OK' Memes

In essence, 'Weird flex but okay' has evolved as a creative and humorous way to respond to instances of self-promotion that stand out as quirky or unorthodox. Its presence within online discourse illustrates how language adapts to digital culture, incorporating elements of sarcasm and camaraderie to engage with and comment on various social.

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Update: This word was added in September 2020. To flex means to move or contract the muscles; flexing the biceps in your arm, for example, makes them appear more prominent, and so often we flex as a pose to indicate strength, as in front of a camera or mirror. Naturally, the figurative phrase flex one's muscles means to demonstrate one's strength or aptitude.

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weird and wonderful. Weird flex, but OK. weird out. weirded out. weirdo. weisenheimer. welch. welch on (someone or something) welch on a/the deal.

19 Of The Best And Funniest 'Weird Flex, But OK' Memes

'Weird flex but ok' is the internet's new response to questionable boasts This might make you think twice before low key bragging.

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Is "weird flex but ok" something you've been on the receiving end of? Maybe it's time to laugh things off. Learn about the meme here.